Specialist medical consultations

Highly-qualified and compassionate specialists

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State-of-the-art surgery

The highest of standards, for successful operations

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Holistic rehab

Professional expertise with the patient’s wellbeing at heart

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The state-of-the-art private clinic in Bolzano, South Tyrol

At the Melittaklinik we specialise in surgery and rehabilitation, we follow a holistic approach which focuses fully on the patient and his or her best-possible recovery.

The team of doctors, the nursing staff and the therapists work in close cooperation and coordination with each other in following a personalised programme for each patient, thus guaranteeing the best-possible chances of a successful outcome.

We offer in-patient, day hospital and out-patient services, depending on your needs. We are accredited by the South Tyrol Medical Service and offer our services both to public and private patients.

We provide the following services:


Specialist medical consultation

We offer consultations for a variety of health requirements



Optimal conditions in our modern facility



Successful rehabilitation through interdisciplinary, innovative therapy concepts



Annual treatments

> 75.000

Number of beds



17.000 m²

Our team of doctors

Our medical team consists of highly qualified and motivated employees in a variety of specialist areas. Regular professional training in a wide array of fields is essential to them, as much as participation in national and international conferences. The well-being of their patients is their top priority.

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Our nursing staff

In addition to attending regular professional training courses, our nursing team ensures a constant focus on cross-professional expertise by means of internal clinical projects. The primary goals of the nursing team are to provide the patient with support in preventative therapy, care, and the relearning of lost skills. The work of the nurses stimulates and helps the patients to re-establish themselves in daily life and to regain the necessary control of their faculties required therefore.

Our therapists

Our rehabilitation department consists of physical, occupational and speech therapists who carry out both individual and group therapy. Close and constant cooperation between the members of the rehab team enables us to take an interdisciplinary approach to meet our patients’ needs and working towards the best-possible recovery.

Science and Research

We want to provide global standards of excellence in the care we provide and, to this end, we are actively engaged in research and scientific publications. We have developed several innovations through our partnerships with renowned national and international hospitals and our rigorous research work.

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