Robot-assisted surgery

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Robot-assisted orthopaedic surgery

for hip and knee joints

Innovation has always been a motivating force at the Melittaklinik. Recently, our highly qualified team of orthopaedic surgeons has been able to achieve even better results through the use of robotic technology. We are proud to be the only clinic in South Tyrol and beyond to offer a high-tech device for robot assisted hip and knee surgery.

This robot consists of a precisely calibrated arm equipped with a special cutting tool. A control software guides the surgeon in making the pre-planned incisions in collaboration with the robotic arm. The device thus is effectively a fine-tuned assistant for the surgeon, improving furthermore the outcome of the operation by minimizing incisions and maximizing precision.

Precise, accurate and careful

Through its precision and accuracy, our surgical robot enables operations to be performed in the best possible way. High-resolution imaging technology is used to create an exact 3D model of the affected joint, allowing the surgeon to preplan the individualised operation. This leads to customised treatment and therefore to improved treatment results.

Another advantage of the device is the preservation of healthy tissue. Precise incisions and minimised tissue removal reduce the strain on the patient, resulting in a faster recovery time. This enables patients to return to their daily routine more quickly and to improve their quality of life.

Safe and durable

In the long term, robotic surgery offers improved implant functionality. The even more precise alignment of the implants, compared to a conventional operation, reduces the likelihood of follow-up procedures and enables better long-term function. Our clinic is committed to ensuring that our patients can lead an active and pain-free life - thus the use of robotic surgery is the next logical step.

The safe and successful use of our surgical robot is proven by over 300 published and tested studies and over 850,000 successful procedures worldwide since 2019 (as of 2023).

The advantages

The use of robot assisted surgery offers the following advantages over conventional procedures:

  • Reduced implant-related complications
  • longer implant life
  • Less pain for the patient
  • Reduced need for inpatient physiotherapy sessions
  • Shorter time to straight leg raising
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Quicker discharge after the procedure
  • Better preservation of bone substance

Experience and expertise

Our team of surgeons has extensive experience and expertise in robotic surgery. Combined with our modern facilities and infrastructure of our clinic, we ensure that our patients receive first-class treatment. All this makes us the leading centre for hip and knee surgery in South Tyrol.

Interview with Dr Julian Lair

Dr Julian Lair explains the advantages of the new surgical robot

Clinical studies in the field of robot-assisted orthopaedics

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