Speech therapy

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Resolving communication disorders

Speech therapy is an interdisciplinary field which brings together medical, educational, and psychological techniques and expertise. It focuses on speech, language, communication, cognitive, vocal and swallowing disorders. We offer speech therapy to patients of all ages.

Therapy for children and young adults

When treating patients of younger age, the therapy focuses primarily on speech disorders, learning difficulties (dyslexia, spelling difficulty, acalculia), swallowing difficulty, and changes in the functional apparatus and voice. Therapy is performed after specialist referral (speech pathologist, child and adolescent psychiatrist). In many cases, working together with child and adolescent psychologists, the patient’s teachers and other people who play a central role in the patient’s life is both necessary and critical to a successful outcome.

Therapy for adults

Speech therapy for adults and elderly patients focuses on language, speech and swallowing disorders. We offer a specialised hearing enhancement programme for patients who are adjusting to wearing a hearing aid. The measures we take are carried out in close cooperation with the audiologist, hearing aid acoustician and the supplier.