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Holistic rehab

for faster recovery

Rehabilitation is always necessary when physical functions are lost or impaired because of illness or accident. As the reasons for this are generally related to several causes, we take a multi-disciplinary approach, using the skills and expertise of our specialists, therapists, and nurses to design the best personalised rehabilitation programme for each patient.

Our goals:

  • To encourage self-sufficiency and independence in the patient, to ensure that health is regained through the natural physical reactions of the body (e.g., muscle building, metabolic stimulation) and to activate the body’s own self-healing resources.
  • To educate family members in physiotherapy treatments in case independence of the patient cannot be achieved (e.g. in the case of severe neurological disorders).
  • To improve economy of movement and, in the case of irreversible functional limitations, create compensatory movement patterns.

Efficient rehabilitation

We have equipped our new premises in Firmiano with purpose-designed facilities which enable even greater efficiency in the rehabilitation of our patients:


Swimming pool

We carry out an array of movement therapy treatments in our modern indoor swimming pool with depth-adjustable floor and underwater cameras.



In the application of our treatment programmes, we blend a range of exercise equipment of varying difficulties in an “arm studio” to create a circuit-training.


Locomotion studio

In the locomotion studio, we carry out robot-assisted “learning to walk again” therapy, for peak efficacy.



Rehab garden

In our rehab garden, patients can train outdoors and put their newly acquired skills into practice in a natural, realistic everyday setting.

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For more information or to request a rehab appointment, feel free to contact us anytime:

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