Our contact details

Melittaklinik GmbH

Laura-Conti-Straße 2A
39100 - Bolzano/Bozen
BZ, Italy

E-Mail: info@melittaklinik.com
Telefon: 0471 087 000

Visitor access rules

The visitor agrees to ensure the utmost safety and health protection of guests as well as of visitors and staff and declares:

  • NOT to suffer from flu-like symptoms;
  • to adhere to the rules of conduct established by the clinic management to protect everyone's health, such aswearing an FFP2 mask at all times and disinfecting hands before and after encountering guests;
  • to make only a maximum of 1 visit per day per patient
  • to be 16 years of age or older
  • not to enter any areas of the facility outside of the areas designated and agreed upon for the visit;
  • to constantly monitor their own health status and to inform the clinic management if COVID-19 is suspected or if the diagnosis of COVID-19 is confirmed within two days of visiting the facility;
  • to follow the instructions of the supervisory staff;
  • keep a safe distance of at least one metre (preferably two) from other visitors and avoid crowding;
  • to respect the agreed visiting hours and avoid arriving early or staying after the visit, which would lead to overcrowding;
  • To leave gifts with the secretary staff and not to exchange items of any kind, except in authorised cases