Personalized medicine

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Better drug tolerance 

through personalized medication

Every person processes active ingredients differently - a medication that works for a patient may be ineffective for another or have undesirable side effects. this is caused by the body's own drug metabolism, which is influenced by individual genetics. By analyzing your genes, your physician of trust will be able to select the medication that exactly matches your genetic profile. This can prevent over- and underdosing.

Pharmacogenetic test

This special laboratory test can determine how your body breaks down medication. As genetic characteristics do not change over the course of a lifetime, the genetic test is valid for a lifetime.

By adapting the medication to your DNA, a more effective treatment can be achieved. Potential harmful interactions between different medications are also recognized before they occur. This reduces the risk of adverse reactions and complications and secures optimal therapy.

Procedure of the pharmacogenetics test

  1. blood sample taken at the Melittaklinik laboratory
  2. genetic analysis at a certified specialized laboratory in Austria
  3. after approx. 2 weeks - discussion of results with Prof Dr. Markus Paulmichl at the Melittaklinik

After the analysis, the results are made available to you and your treating doctor. This information is the used to determine the medication and dosages that are best suited to your body.

Your personal data remains on secure servers in Austria to protect the confidentiality of your genetic information.

To whom is a genetic analysis of interest?

A pharmacogenetic test is of interest to everybody regardless of age and sex and provides access to customized medicine.

The test grants to make precise statements about the tolerability of medication, individual effectiveness, the best dosage and any possible strengthening or weakening interactions with other active substances. 

Once a genetic test has been carried out, it can offer lifelong benefits. With the knowledge of your genetic profile, your treating physician can also better customize future medications for you. This way, you will benefit in the long term from safe and effective treatment based on your unique genetic constitution.

Quality and safety

Our state-of-the-art, certified partner laboratory warrants precision and quality when carrying out your genetic analyses. We use established procedures to ensure consistent and reliable results that serve as the basis for your personalized medication.

Your genetic data is safe with us. We are committed to the strictest data protection and compliance with all legal regulations. The use of your data is limited exclusively to the improvement of your medical treatment and will not be passed on without your express consent.

The advantages of a pharmacogenetic analysis

  • Optimized medication

    Find the right dose of the right medication at the first attempt
  • Fewer side effects

    Adapt the medication to your genetic make-up, reduce unpleasant side effects
  • Targeted therapeutic success

    Improve your treatment results with a therapy that is customized to your genes

For a better future

Pharmacogenetics open the door to a future in which medication is as individualized as the patients themselves. It is an investment in your health that enables treatments to be safer, more precise and more effective.

With this advanced analysis, we offer you access to a medication that is as unique as your DNA.

Interview with Prof Dr Markus Paulmichl